Reasons For Using Egg Freezing In San Francisco, CA

by | Feb 7, 2021 | Health

In San Francisco, CA, women may face medical difficulties that could cause issues with reproduction. These conditions could result in an inability to produce eggs at later time. They could also include methods for conceiving a child now due to fertility issues. Egg Freezing in San Francisco, CA is a viable choice for these women to ensure their ability to conceive a child.

Egg Freezing for IVF Treatments
Eggs are extracted for IVF treatments. Women who choose to undergo IVF treatments should consider egg freezing opportunities. This allows them more chances to become pregnant. When multiple eggs are extracted, this could eliminate additional costs associated with these treatments.

When a Hysterectomy is Necessary
Women who must undergo a hysterectomy lose their ability to conceive and carry a child. The procedure requires the removal of all or part of the reproductive organs. This may include the ovaries and uterus. However, they could have their eggs extracted and frozen. This gives them the opportunity to use a surrogate to carry their child. The eggs can be fertilized and implanted, when the woman is ready to have children.

Before Chemotherapy Treatments
Chemotherapy treatments could dimish a woman’s chances of having a child. Prior to treatments, their clinician may suggest the extraction of eggs. This helps them to regain the ability to become pregnant if their condition affects ovulation or egg production. The clinician may freeze the eggs for several years to provide this opportunity.

Harvesting Eggs at an Earlier Age
Women who aren’t ready to conceive earlier in life could freeze their eggs. This could improve their chances of becoming pregnant as they grow older. This is a beneficial opportunity for women who have a family history of polycystic ovary syndrome. It could reduce difficulties that could prevent successful conception.

In San Francisco, CA, women who are facing adverse medical conditions may choose to take steps for ensuring conception later. Among these steps is egg extraction. After this process, the clinician will freeze the eggs for use later. Women who wish to consider Egg Freezing in San Francisco, CA should Contact Laurel Fertility Care for more information or to schedule an appointment today.

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