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by | Feb 9, 2022 | Healthcare

If you have experienced trauma in your life or are going through a divorce, you may have considered seeking a psychologist in Boise. After significant trauma, abuse, or significant life events, you may experience different mental health symptoms.

A psychologist specializes in various mental processes and behaviors. They have a deep understanding of cognitive and emotional processes. They also specialize in how people interact with other people, their environments, and life situations.

What Is a Psychologist?

Psychologists such as David Cummins, Ph.D. can help you through traumatic events and handle mental health issues. Psychologists will ask you different questions to gain a better understanding of your situation and life. They will study how you interact with your environment and other people. They also know how to help you handle your mental health issues through coping mechanisms and other therapy-related techniques.

What Is Treatment Like?

The first step of treatment is evaluation. As with a regular primary care physician, they will want to meet with you in an individual setting to gain a better understanding of your current mental health and behavioral issues. They will gather information and provide a diagnosis based on their years of schooling and practice. Once you have a proper diagnosis, they will create an individualized treatment plan.


A psychologist in Boise may suggest you work with a psychiatrist in conjunction with therapy. A psychiatrist has the medical licensure to prescribe medications. You should not get frustrated if the medication does not help immediately. It takes time to find the right kind of medication that works for you and the dosage that is best for you.

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