Selecting the Right Method With Advice From a Birth Control Clinic in Jackson, MI

by | Feb 2, 2016 | Health

Visiting a Birth Control Clinic in Jackson MI, will enable women to have access to a number of family planning products. While most of them are very effective at preventing pregnancy, not every method is right for every woman. Making the choice can depend on lifestyle, age, and health, among many other factors.

Barrier methods, like condoms, are suggested for women who are not in committed relationships and for couples who have one person who is healthy and the other with a transmittable disease. Another barrier method that should only be used by those in a monogamous relationship is the diaphragm. Because diaphragms do not use hormones to make them effective, they are useful to women who want to avoid the side effects some women experience when using other methods. They can also make it faster to become pregnant when the time is right.

Hormonal methods like the vaginal ring, birth control pill, or an injectable contraceptive are used by a large percentage of women on birth control. For most women these are safe options that have few, and only minor, side effects. They also can provide relief to women who suffer from painful cramps during menstruation. The ring and the injection are also methods that last for a significant period of time rather than needing to be remembered each day. This is a definite advantage for busy women.

IUDs are another method that is convenient for people who do not want to have to think about their birth control every day. They are a long-term solution that is perfect for people who know they are not interested in starting a family for several years. If plans change, the IUD can be removed, and the woman can begin trying to become pregnant immediately. These methods are not able to be used by everyone. Some women experience cramping and heavier than normal bleeding during their menstrual cycles. They are also not able to provide any protection from STDs.

At the Birth Control Clinic in Jackson MI, women can learn more about the methods available to them and get the health screenings that can help them to make the best choice for their needs. provides information about how to schedule an appointment as well as access the other services they offer.

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