What Services to Look for at a Vet Clinic

by | Sep 28, 2020 | Animal Hospitals

When choosing a vet clinic for your pet, it’s important to evaluate what services the clinic offers. Ideally, you’ll choose a one-stop shop for all your pet’s medical needs. Read down below to find out what kinds of services you should be looking for.

Surgical Capabilities

When choosing a vet clinic, you may be focused on regular vet visits. However, you should also be thinking about having an emergency vet in Gaithersburg. Consider what you would do in the case of an immediate medical problem. Make sure that the clinic you’re considering has surgery facilities and equipment available for such situations.


Regular testing abilities are usually a given when it comes to a vet clinic, but it never hurts to confirm. Make sure that your pet can be vaccinated, give samples, and get blood drawn onsite and that the clinic doesn’t require you to visit a separate lab!


It’s a good idea to choose a vet clinic with full pet dental capabilities. Your pet’s teeth are a very important and vulnerable part of them since they don’t brush their teeth every day. Choosing a vet that can check on and care for your pet’s oral health will ease your mind and save you more trouble.

Cleaning and Grooming

A great addition to any veterinary experience is a simple cleaning and grooming for your pet. Although these things are not medically important, they are important for good hygiene! It’s convenient to have these services right where your vet is, to get all of your pet’s maintenance completed in one place!

Nutritional Services

When choosing a vet clinic, always check if they offer pet nutritional services. A simple consultation with a pet nutritionist could benefit your pet’s health and diet long term! Not to mention, a professionally evaluated diet will reduce the chances of disease and sickness in your pet.

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