Three Reasons to Revamp Your Look With Chicago Lip Fillers

by | Sep 28, 2023 | Cosmetic Surgery

Evidence of facial aging is often subtle. Slight changes in your skin’s integrity, the fullness of your pout, and the angularity of your jaw all contribute to an entirely new look. Fortunately, Chicago lip fillers are but one of many non-invasive treatments that you can use to effectively turn back the hands of time. The following are three reasons to get them.

Chicago Lip Fillers Don’t Require a Lifelong Commitment

On average, cosmetic injectables for lip plumping last between just six months and one year. With these products, you can rejuvenate your appearance without making a lifelong commitment to your results. If you don’t like the way your fillers look, you can simply wait for your body to break them down.

Eliminate One of the Most Tell-Tale Signs of Facial Aging

Although many people are worried about developing crow’s feet and frown lines, the mouth tells it all. Often known as “smoker’s lines”, creasing around the perimeter of the mouth is an indication of both volume loss and increasing skin laxity. Lip filler products hydrate the skin from the foundation layer out. As moisture is added to the area, it has a noticeable plumping effect. Patients regain their youthful good looks, and “smoker’s lines” disappear.

Lip Filler Treatments Don’t Take Long

Lip filler procedures don’t take long at all. Most lip filler appointments last just 30 minutes. In fact, you could have your procedure performed right on your lunch break. With minimal downtime, few aftereffects, and rapid and remarkable results, lip fillers are perfect for boosting your confidence ahead of a long-awaited vacation or important event.

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