Top Reasons Your Clinic Needs a Cardiac SPECT Machine in New York

by | Apr 12, 2021 | Healthcare

When it comes to performing imaging tests on the heart, there are two main types that are typically offered in a clinic. The first is a PET and the other is called a SPECT. Many radiographers feel that a cardiac spect exam in New York is the superior of the two tests. Here are just a few of the reasons why this is so.


As far as widespread availability is concerned, the SPECT easily outpaces the PET test. The camera used to perform the SPECT test is also far more affordable. The average price of the camera is around $500,000 which is a fraction of the cost of the alternative testing method. Since the cardiac SPECT exam in New York is more widespread, it is also easier to find technicians who are trained to perform it.

Superior Imaging

The SPECT imaging has a longer half-life which makes it a far more attractive option for cardiac stress testing. The nuclear stress testing that takes place while undergoing SPECT testing is only made possible by the fact that half-life lasts an average of 6 hours. Medical experts state that with technological improvements, the image quality will be even more advanced soon.

Blood Flow Identifiers

When it comes to receiving gamma-ray identifiers that are circulated by the blood flow, the cardiac SPECT exam in New York is the superior option versus the PET test.

If you run a clinic and you are interested in pursuing the cardiac SPECT exam in New York for your patients, contact Cardiac Imaging, Inc., or visit their website today.

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