3 Signs Your Loved One Needs Home Care Assistance in Harrisburg, PA

by | Sep 15, 2022 | Home Health Care Service

As you age, one of the most challenging things to watch is your parents and elderly family members start to slow down. There are many signs of decline in the elderly, some of which are difficult to handle. As a person ages, they inevitably will need help. How do you know when your loved one needs home care assistance in Harrisburg, PA? Here are three things to consider.

Inability to Perform Daily Functions

Loved ones, as they age, often start having difficulty with daily tasks like dressing and going to the bathroom independently. They may need a little help preparing and eating simple meals. Perhaps they can no longer shower alone. Home care assistance in Harrisburg PA, can help when they fail to complete basic daily tasks.

Changes in Personality and Appearance

If you notice a change in how your elderly family members look or their behavior, it may indicate they need a little more help at home. Gaining or losing weight, wearing dirty clothes, or poor hygiene are signs of a shift in their physical or mental status. It may be time for some extra help.

Frequent Accidents

Does your elderly family member have trouble getting up from a seated position? Have they fallen lately? You may want to consider home care assistance in Harrisburg, PA, if their safety is at risk. You can remove safety risks and fall hazards, but they may still need home health care to ensure they are safe in their homes.

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