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3 Steps You Can Take to Prevent a Substance Use Relapse

If you think about using or experience frequent cravings, this is an obvious sign that you’re in danger of relapsing. There are more subtle signs to pay attention to as well. For example, suddenly experiencing a great deal of stress can also put your recovery at risk. Fortunately, there are steps you can take for effective relapse prevention in Minneapolis.

Alleviate Stress
As a general rule, you should stay aware of stressors in your life and look for ways to alleviate them. If you and your partner fight frequently, look for ways to improve your relationship. If you’re overworked, talk to your boss about reducing your workload. Taking these steps will help you reduce the triggers that may lead to a relapse.

Add More Joy to Your Life
You should look for things that you enjoy and add them to your daily life. This might mean spending more time exercising or adopting a new pet. Essentially, you should look for things that have positive effects on you to ensure you’ll be less likely to turn to drugs or alcohol for relief.

Seek Out Support
Whether you enroll in formal relapse prevention in Minneapolis or seek out a community support group, you should look for help in maintaining your sobriety. You can even use multiple resources simultaneously to ensure you will always have somewhere to turn. A broader support network will give you the strength to fight your cravings in the worst of times. If you fear that you’re in danger of an addiction relapse, contact River Ridge Recovery immediately by visiting them online today.