4 Reasons to Take Your Baby to Urgent Care in Orlando, FL

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Health

A baby brings a lot of joy and love into a home. They also bring a lot of responsibility. You want to take care of your child to the best of your ability, but it could be scary when they get sick. You may not know whether you should wait for the pediatrician or take them to pediatric emergency care in Orlando, FL. Here are 4 reasons to take your baby to urgent care.

1. Fever

A fever over 100 degrees can make a new parent rather concerned. If it doesn’t seem to be going away, and it’s combined with other flu-like symptoms, it might be time to get to urgent care. They can check the baby and give you medicine to help provide relief.

2. Ear Infection

Is your baby grabbing her ears and crying constantly? Or do you notice drainage dripping from the ear? Your poor baby probably has an ear infection. Go to urgent care to make sure that your suspicions are correct and get the right treatment.

3. Diarrhea

Everyone gets diarrhea on occasion. However, it should clear up right away. If it doesn’t, it can cause dehydration and be a sign of a larger problem.

4. Persistent Cough

A cough may seem harmless, but a persistent cough can be a sign of respiratory problem. A child may also lose the ability to breathe properly if they cough too hard. If the coughs sound especially painful, they could even be a sign of strep.

Contact Your Kid’s Urgent Care – Orlando to learn more about pediatric emergency care in Orlando, FL.

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