4 Solutions to Neck Pain in Jacksonville

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Pain Management Physician

Neck pain can be a real, well, pain in the neck. If you experience it, you want it gone as quickly as possible so that you can move freely throughout your day. Here are 4 solutions to neck pain in Jacksonville.

1. CBD

CBD is a natural substance found in the cannabis plant. Unlike its cousin THC, it does not provide psychedelic effects. It offers significant relief from mild pain. For those who prefer a psychedelic effect, talk to your doctor about getting a medical marijuana card if it’s available in your area.

2. Physical Therapy

Some people benefit greatly from going to physical therapy. A therapist will teach you specific stretches and exercises to make your neck feel better. With time, you will start to notice less pain and more mobility.

3. Medication

When the pain reaches a certain level, CBD and OTC medications may not be sufficient. In these cases, your doctor may prescribe you medication. The most common medications for neck pain include muscle relaxers and opiates. Be mindful that these medications can cause dependence in the person using them.

4. Surgery

As a last resort, some doctors will recommend or suggest surgery to help relief the pain. Of course, this is always a certain amount of risk associated with going under the knife. This is only acceptable for certain problems. You should not go under the knife without serious consideration.

When you have neck pain in Jacksonville, call us at Riverside Pain Physicians to find a solution today.

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