5 Ways to Quit Suboxone

Quitting suboxone isn’t easy. If you’re determined to kick the habit, here are a few tips to help you get successful results.

Do it gradually

Don’t go cold turkey. The withdrawal symptoms can be brutal, and in some cases, dangerous. Instead, talk to your doctor about stopping the drug. Go at it slowly and gradually for the best results, The Fix says. Your doctor will likely ask to gradually reduce the dosage.

Find the right treatment

Look for a treatment facility that offers suboxone detox in Fort Lauderdale. Find out as much as you can about the treatment and care program before you commit to one, though.

Consider the location

This can be a major factor, especially if you want to go back for aftercare programs, sessions, and support. Think about whether you want the convenience of choosing a treatment center that’s near enough to provide easy and convenient access or choosing one that’s far away from the city and the distractions. Evaluate your options carefully.

Check for credentials

When you look for suboxone detox in Fort Lauderdale, think about the credentials of the staff. Do they have the qualifications to help you through the procedure? If medical emergencies happen, do they have the training and experience as well as expertise to deal with those situations? Research and find out.

Read up

Find out what the detox and treatment will entail. Educate yourself by pouring over articles and available information from credible sources. You can also talk to your doctor or a substance abuse disorder counselor to know more about your options, the situation you’re in and the possible challenges you may face as you move forward on the road to recovery.

Give it a chance

Some make the decision to take suboxone forever. But if you believe that choice is not right for you, get professional help. Do it today.