A Deep Tissue Massage In Honolulu HI Will Relax The Body, Mind, And Soul

by | Dec 13, 2016 | Massage Therapy

Stress, poor posture, strained muscles, and a variety of things can cause muscles to become constricted, causing pain and limitation of movement in the body. Deep Tissue Massage in Honolulu HI can target these sore muscles and increase the blood flow for better healing. Deep tissue can also target the fascia in the body. Fascia is a thin sheet of connective tissue that separates the muscles and other organs in the body. This type of massage is designed to help with healing in the body and reduces chronic pain and improves blood pressure. Stress in the body is the leading cause of many diseases and conditions that deep tissue massage can relieve.

Chronic pain is caused by inflammation due to the lack of blood flow to the muscles. Deep Tissue Massage in Honolulu HI can reduce the pain by loosening the tight muscles. Stress and tension in the muscles can increase blood pressure. Regular deep massages can lower their systolic pressure by up to ten points and their diastolic pressure by five. Massage can increase the production of serotonin which is a hormone that increases happiness and good feelings in the body. If a muscle has been injured, this type of massage can break down scar tissue by improving the circulation in the lymphatic system.

Massage can increase someone’s range of motion because of the relaxation of the muscles. Toxins can easily build up in a muscle that’s been damaged. Moving the toxins out of the muscles will help to stretch tight muscles and promote healing. Sports injuries can heal faster with the use of deep tissue massage. Chronic stress can dramatically affect someone’s life and health. Tight muscles can cause headaches, tight muscles, and rigid shoulders. Someone can even have the sensation of their shoulders pulling towards their ears or head from the stress in the muscles.

Relieving this stress and pain and body in important to improved overall health and performance. Failure to have the muscles moving properly can lead to more musculoskeletal problems and continued pain. If you’re suffering from tight muscles and pain, please visit for more information about the relaxing world of massage.

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