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A Few of the Conditions Managed by Orthopedic Specialists in Salt Lake City, Utah

A Few of the Conditions Managed by Orthopedic Specialists in Salt Lake City, Utah

Pain in the hand and wrist is a common complaint orthopedic doctors receive from their patients. Repetitive movements, accidents, and conditions like arthritis can lead to levels of discomfort that require treatment. Orthopedic Specialists in Salt Lake City Utah offer a variety of solutions that can alleviate pain and make it easier for their patients to get back to their normal routines.

Carpal tunnel is a condition that was once common in production workers who were required to perform the same movement repeatedly throughout their shift. Despite the reduction in manufacturing facilities in the U.S., the number of these complaints have not declined. This is because an equal number of people are now experiencing the same issue thanks to jobs that require them to type on a keyboard all day.

Arthritis can be debilitating if it is not properly managed. The onset of symptoms is often gradual, and it can be caused by aging or previous injuries that did not heal properly. In the case of rheumatoid arthritis, this painful disease will become noticeable in the hands or the feet first.

Orthopedic Specialists in Salt Lake City Utah can use therapy, splinting, and braces as well as surgery to manage carpal tunnel and arthritis. Anti-inflammatory medications are used to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Carpal tunnel sufferers are also taught alternative methods of movement that will prevent aggravating the condition again.

Hand, wrist, and finger fractures are another concern an orthopedic clinic will treat. Their methods are designed to make certain the fracture heals correctly so the threat of future problems is reduced. Each injury is carefully evaluated and treated according to its specific needs. Whether it is a break, a sprain, or strain, no matter how it was attained, having it properly managed from the beginning will make a huge difference in how quickly it heals, the amount of discomfort the individual suffers, and how it affects future performance.

Hand & Orthopedic Physical Therapy Specialists use a number of innovative methods to treat any hand problems their patients are suffering from. The goal is not only to make people comfortable but also to make it possible for them to continue with the activities they love. The practice is not limited to treating hand and wrist problems. In fact, they offer a variety of services including pelvic floor rehab, back treatments, and much more.