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Advanced Technology Offers New Hearing Solutions in Lancaster, PA

Advanced Technology Offers New Hearing Solutions in Lancaster, PA

Partial deafness and progressive hearing loss can make every day social activities feel like a chore. Talking on the phone or interacting at work or at home with loved ones can be a challenge, and engaging in conversation in conversation in loud environments can be next to impossible. Traditional hearing aids offer an affordable solution for many, but for others, the hassle of putting them in or keeping track of them when they are not in use can be almost as much of a hassle.

For those experiencing frustration with their traditional hearing aids, recent technological innovations provide far better hearing solutions in Lancaster, PA today than were available even a decade ago. A bone-anchored hearing aid, or BAHA, can help those suffering from single sided deafness or mixed hearing loss a more practical solution. This advanced technology works by routing sound through the bones in the head and transmitting it to a tiny implant located in the inner ear. It uses existing cochlea to process external sound naturally in the ear. This system has been proven to be particularly effective for those with single-sided deafness and patients suffering conductive hearing loss.

In order to reap the benefits of BAHA, a small titanium device must be surgically implanted. This titanium implant then integrates itself during the healing process into the bone behind the ear. Two options exist to maximize performance: an abutment can be attached behind the ear, or an invisible connection can be formed via an implanted magnet in the same location.

For those with severe hearing loss that has progressed over time, cochlear implants offer a better solution. These bypass the damaged inner ear, sending digitally coded sound to an implant in the cochlea, which interprets them into electrical impulses that the brain can reinterpret as sound. For those who find that over time hearing aids have become inadequate, cochlear implants can make a world of difference.

In today’s day and age, there is no need for patients to resign themselves to missing out on conversations and avoiding loud social events like the plague. Those looking for advanced hearing solutions in Lancaster, PA, including implants and traditional hearing aids, can contact Otolaryngology Physicians of Lancaster for more information about available products.