Available Treatment Options to Help You Overcome Chronic Arthritis Pain

by | Sep 26, 2019 | Pain Management Physician

As an arthritic, you are too familiar with the debilitating and long-lasting pain that can flare up at a moment’s notice. This discomfort stops you from being able to carry out normal tasks like writing, cooking, typing, and even sitting, standing, or walking.

Rather than suffer with pain that seems to never go away, you can consider all of your treatment options for it. By consulting with a doctor who specializes in treating arthritis pain in Jacksonville, you can overcome the symptoms of this illness that bring your life to a halt.

Physical Therapy

When you want to avoid relying on pain medications to get you through the day, you could be open to undergoing physical therapy for arthritis pain in Jacksonville. Studies have shown that exercises like moderate weightlifting and hydrotherapy can relieve acute arthritis discomfort. The activities allow your body to rebuild muscle and tissue that it lost due to the onset of this illness.

Your doctor can refer you to a physical therapist in your area or give you recommendations about what exercises to do at home to lessen pain. Within a matter of weeks, you could notice an improvement in your pain as well as a lessened reliance on pain medications.

Opting for Acupuncture

Acupuncture is another innovative treatment that is gaining popularity among arthritis patients. This form of therapy rewires your body’s nervous system and also retrains your mind to stop sending pain signals to parts of your body afflicted with arthritis. The procedure is minimally invasive and is done on an outpatient basis.

Further, many insurance companies are now willing to cover some or all of the costs of acupuncture. Your doctor can make a referral or provide more information about the benefits of this therapy.

These options are a few that you have for getting past your arthritis pain. They could lessen your need for pain medicines and allow you to enjoy a pain-free life.

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