Best type of Hernia Surgery in Fort Lee NJ for you

by | Dec 31, 2020 | Health

If you’re suffering from a hernia, there are different types of surgery available, and your healthcare professional will be able to advise which is the most suitable for your specific needs. Here are some of the most common types of surgery.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Candidates for laparoscopic hernia surgery in Fort Lee, NJ are usually patients with a hernia, gastroenterological condition or reproductive issues. Laparoscopic surgery uses a laparoscope which is inserted into the body through a tiny incision, and can be used to diagnose and treat a range of conditions. Because of the size of the incision, laparoscopic hernia surgery in Fort Lee, NJ is minimally invasive, leaving tiny or no scars, and recovery is quick – it can be in as little as 12 hours. With laparoscopic surgery, several tiny incisions are made in the abdomen, through which the camera is inserted. The abdomen is then filled with carbon dioxide, allowing the surgeon to view the area. A mesh patch is then attached to reinforce the weak area.

Open Repair Surgery

For those who aren’t suitable candidates for laparoscopic surgery, open repair surgery is the other commonly used method for hernia sufferers. A small incision is made by the surgeon, allowing them to push the hernia tissues back behind the wall of the muscle, which is then reinforced with synthetic mesh or stitches. Unfortunately, because open repair surgery uses a larger incision, this means that the recovery time is often longer, with post-operative scarring more likely than with a laparoscopic procedure. There is also the risk of pain and discomfort post-surgery.

Whilst you could express a preference for one procedure or the other, it’s generally down to your surgeon to decide which type of surgery is the most suitable for you. Both are relatively simple procedures, but the increased recovery time from open repair surgery mean it’s less suitable for those looking to make a speedy return to work or other activities.

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