How Can Our Agency Help Your Elderly Loved One Remain in Their Home?

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Assisted Living

When you have an elderly loved one who needs extra care at home, you can hire a trained caregiver. The best home care assistance in Elmhurst, IL, is available on a full-time basis when your relative requires help all of the time. Our company can provide multiple caregivers to provide 24-hour care in a client’s home. A client might need medication reminders, food preparation or transportation to physician’s appointments. A caregiver can also help a client with basic tasks such as bathing or oral health care. Some senior citizens only want companionship, so that a caregiver can read books to the individual, or she can play board games to prevent boredom.

Improve Quality of Life

Alternatively, an elderly individual might only require part-time home care assistance in Elmhurst while her adult children are completing errands. To determine how much assistance a senior citizen needs, you will need an in-home assessment, and we also talk to the individual’s physicians. We can determine how much professional care your loved one needs to have better physical and mental health. Part of our assessment includes making suggestions about the safety of a home to improve its condition to help a senior citizen have a higher quality of life.

Contact Us Today to Learn More about Our Services

Our home care assistance for Elmhurst senior citizens is customized for each person, and our employees re-evaluate a client’s needs frequently. We want our clients to feel comfortable with a caregiver, so you can request a different home health aide or certified nursing assistant if you aren’t happy with the services. When you have a loved one who needs extra help, call Home and Hearth Caregivers right away to begin the application and assessment process.

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