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How To Choose Acrylic Nails In Philadelphia

How To Choose Acrylic Nails In Philadelphia

In Pennsylvania, nail salons provide extraordinary options for jazzing up your nails and making a statement. The designs offer simple options such as single color styles and more extraordinary creations for fashionistas. Nail artists recreate styles worn by celebrities as well as their own unique artistry. A local salon provides acrylic nails in Philadelphia for everyone.

Start with the Shape

Nail artists provide a wide range of nail shapes. Standard options are oval, round, square, and flare. With new styles emerging, women are choosing shapes based on their favorite celebrity styles. Almond, mountain peak, edge, stiletto, and arrowhead are among the most popular among celebrities. The shape of the acrylic nails defines the type of nail art that is most suitable.

Full Polish or Monochrome Nails

Full polish is applied after the acrylic nails are applied and shaped according to the customer’s preferences. It is a basic choice, and the client chooses one color typically. Nail salons provide a large collection of nail colors and top coats.

Monochrome nails include French tips. The design features two different colors. One color is applied all over the nail, and strips are used to create a shape or style around the tip. The tips of the nails are painted in the second color and often feature shapes like hearts and deep V’s.

Acrylic Nail Art

Nail artists recreate any design preferred by their customers. The styles are created with a multitude of colors from mattes to glittery favorites. The artists use specialized tools to create swirls and intricate designs on the acrylic nails. Typically, the designs are replicated with nail polishes with an assortment of brushes.

Adding Bling to Your Nails

Women are choosing to add a little more bling to their nails to complement their personal style. The artists add anything from jewels to bow-shaped pearls. The accessories are glued directly onto the nail and set into the acrylic.

In Pennsylvania, acrylic nails are a better solution for women that are always breaking a nail. The products cover the natural nail completely and provide beautiful designs for everyone. Women who want to schedule an appointment for Acrylic Nails in Philadelphia contact Beautiful You by Christine right now.