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How to Choose an In-Home Care Agency

A reputable agency for in-home care in Philadelphia PA can provide the help your parents need. Not all agencies are equal, though, so you’ll want to take steps to look for the right one.

Know the basics

There are different types of home care services. You’ll need to know each one so you’ll have a clearer idea which of those services your parents need. You can ask for companion services, homemaker services, personal care services and skill care assistance, the Alzheimer’s Association says.

Make a list

Are your parents having a hard time tidying up at home? Do they find it difficult now to maintain the lawn, prepare meals or do the groceries? List down all the activities they need help with. That should give you a good start as to what kind of services you’ll look for when you hire an agency for in-home care in Philadelphia PA.

Do your homework

Look for an agency with an excellent reputation in the field. Check the company’s background. Are there any red flags? What kind of services does the firm offer? For instance, some home care services might focus on providing only companionship. You’ll want to make sure you engage the services of the agency that can provide for the range of services your loved ones need.

Read reviews

Feedback from other clients can help you make the right choice. Check online and find out if there are any complaints lodged against the company. Are there plenty of bad reviews? Are customers unsatisfied? These are all signs that you’re better off checking out other options.

Talk to your parents

Don’t forget to talk to your elderly loved ones. Make them a part of the process. For some, this might be a long conversation so be prepared with the necessary information. By consulting your parents about this decision, they’ll be empowered to make the choice.