Why Choose Senior Assisted Living Facilities for Happiness, Find One in Skokie

by | Oct 31, 2018 | Retirement Homes

Many aging parents don’t want to move out of their homes or live far away from their families. In fact, many older residents in Skokie flat-out refuse to leave, which causes issues when they can’t live alone safely, and their children or grandchildren are left fighting with them. However, when you take away the fear of retirement homes and talk about senior assisted living facilities in Skokie, your loved one may realize just how beneficial they are and that they’re not leaving the family home but rather embarking on a new adventure.

Be Independent

Your loved one can be as independent as possible while living in these places. For example, if they only need help getting dressed and bathing, they can still walk around, talk to people, cook their meals, and everything else. They can do what they can and get help with what they need. Plus, many of these locations also dose the medications, which means your loved one never has to remember if they took their pills or not.


While most residences have ovens, refrigerators, and microwaves, your loved one can also choose to dine in the restaurant-style cafeteria anytime they choose. They can take a load off and not have to cook and do dishes when they’re tired or when they want a break. Plus, most of the time, family members are also allowed to dine with their loved ones in the restaurant whenever they choose.


You can always go visit and take your loved one out for a meal or to go to a fun location, but most of the time, these facilities have activities available, some of which are offsite.

Senior assisted living facilities allow your loved one to live alone how they wish with help whenever they require it. Visit Presbyterian Homes in Skokie for more information.

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