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Daytime Fatigue and Loud Snoring in Cranford NJ: Symptoms of Sleep Apnea

He had been having some trouble with feeling fatigued and sleepy during the day but didn’t think much of it. His loud Snoring in Cranford NJ had been known among his family and friends for years, and people mostly joked about it. Nobody suspected he had a condition that could have serious consequences.

He never connected his problems with snoring with his dozing off while watching TV, a habit that became more frequent as years passed. Then one day he dozed off in front of the computer at work, and the next afternoon, fell asleep behind the wheel and crossed into the median strip.

A Diagnosis of Sleep Apnea

Fortunately, the man was uninjured and did not hit any other vehicles. But now he was scared and wondering why he was so tired all the time. His workplace sent him to a sleep clinic to spend a night. There, he was quickly diagnosed with sleep apnea after being monitored for his breathing.

Serious Breathing Issues

Snoring in Cranford NJ that is caused by sleep apnea is a sign of serious breathing issues. The person wakes slightly numerous times during sleep because breathing stops. The body forces the physical system to awaken just enough to start breathing again. The person usually doesn’t have any idea this is happening. He or she just knows that waking up feeling refreshed has become a thing of the past.

Often, it’s somebody who lives with the snorer or stays overnight who realizes something is seriously wrong. They notice the episodes of breathing stopping and perhaps a snort as the man or woman starts breathing again. It’s disturbing to realize how often this happens in one night.

Conservative and Surgical Treatment

Sleep apnea can be treated at a clinic like Westfield Oral Surgery. Conservative treatment such as a machine providing continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP, helps many people with this disorder. Some individuals may need or prefer, an operation that solves the problem for good. They may not like relying on this equipment, as doing so can be inconvenient, especially when traveling or spending the evening as a houseguest.