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Discovering Yourself at Massage Therapy School

Discovering Yourself at Massage Therapy School

Interested in learning more about massage? Then you are ready to embark upon the journey of a lifetime. Immersion into the life-changing experience of attending a massage therapy school is also a step further onto your own healing path.

Imagine learning and experiencing, first-hand, the inner workings of the healing discipline of massage. Picture the like-minded mentors, teachers and fellow students you’ll meet along the way. See yourself unfolding in new personal and professional directions.

Finding the Right Massage Therapy School

Choosing a massage therapy school requires focused inquiry into the field: on-line research, in-person site visits, speaking with graduates, meeting staff, understanding admission requirements, financial assistance options, and reviewing school curriculum.

Gathering this information gives a sense of the institution, its mission and philosophy. It also brings to life the educational environment and student experience, allowing prospective learners to picture being a member of the student body, interacting with teachers and fellow classmates.


Coursework at massage therapy school is designed to build a strong understanding of theory and technique, reinforced by hands-on practice. Comfortable, practical body mechanics are also taught; empowering students to establish postural patterns that will serve them well over many years of practice. Coursework includes:

  • Anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and pathology
  • Western and Eastern approaches to massage therapy
  • Connective tissue and neuromuscular therapy
  • Medical and sports massage
  • Energy work disciplines
  • Hydrotherapy and essential oils (aromatherapy)
  • Business and professional communication skills
  • Infant, pregnancy and elder massage

Graduation and Entering the Workforce

This comprehensive educational path in the art and science of massage prepares students to successfully:

  • Become clinicians with a rich range of techniques to offer future clients
  • Pass state licensing or certification exams
  • Work fluidly with both allopathic and holistic medical models
  • Build a rewarding career as a licensed massage therapist

Schedule a massage therapy school tour to see, first-hand, the training necessary to enter this fast-expanding career path that has the potential to change your life in a positive way.