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Eastside Urgent Care – Convenient Workplace Drug Testing In Anderson, OH

Many employers today require their employees submit to drug testing. Drug testing allows the employer to be assured that their employee, or potential employee, is not currently using drugs or has not used them in a specific amount of time prior to taking the test. An employer that promotes a drug-free workplace usually is entitled to a discount on their worker’s compensation insurance in addition to decreasing on-the-job injuries, increasing job attendance and productivity, and reducing the employer’s liability all the way around. Many employers require pre-employment drug testing, routine testing during employment, and drug testing immediately following a work-related accident. Employers either administer the test in-office or send the employee to a laboratory or medical center that administers Drug Testing in Anderson OH.

Pre-employment drug testing has become commonplace. Many employers require a drug test be given to a potential employee as soon as a conditional job offer has been conveyed. The understanding is that as long as the drug test is clear, the person will be hired. Of course, if this is a condition of employment, all potential new-hires will have the same stipulation. It is illegal for an employer to require some prospective employees to test and others not.

Some companies require routine drug testing. Again, this must be an “across the board” routine test for all employees as long as advance notice is given and certain employees are not singled out.

Another common cause for employee Drug Testing in Anderson OH is after a work-related accident or injury. Federal law permits this and many employers will require it after an accident of any type. Because an employer’s workman’s compensation usually fully covers employee injuries, the employer must ensure their employee was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol when any accident occurred. If the employee was under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the employer’s liability will be limited.

Different drug metabolites stay in the system for varying amounts of time. Many websites will direct users to Click here to learn more about drug timetables and how drug testing can vary. Some drugs stay in the body for days and others more than a month. If using prescription drugs, always provide the proper documentation to avoid misunderstandings.