Effective Treatment for Rosacea

by | Jun 12, 2017 | Medical Spa

Rosacea can be a very stubborn problem to treat, particularly as it gets worse over time. It’s also difficult sometimes to sort out all the various products on the market for rosacea. There are a lot of different mixtures that claim to be helpful for rosacea and while they may provide short-term improvement, many of them come up short. When it comes time to seek professional rosacea treatments in Barrington, the most effective treatment might be pulsed light.

The latest approach utilized is BBL, or broad-band light. This treatment is effective with many different types of redness, but with rosacea specifically, it is known to be helpful even in patients who experience painful stinging and burning with their rosacea. These BBL treatments are known to provide dramatic results for patients who have rosacea, although it must be said that patients should still follow up with a dermatologist and should still be mindful of diet and UV exposure. BBL treatment is not a cure for rosacea; nonetheless, a BBL treatment protocol should provide about a year of symptom-free living to most patients with rosacea.

Depending on the severity of the patient’s symptoms, patients should initially require multiple treatments spaced about a month apart. After that, patients may require “touch-up” appointments annually to ensure symptom-free living. Good results can generally be achieved in most patients seeking rosacea treatments in Barrington.

How does it work? The laser works by eliminating the broken blood vessels under the skin so they no longer cause the redness anymore. Normally the treatments individually take about 20-30 minutes, although that can vary from patient to patient. The treatments also work on the type of rosacea that presents as more of an acne-type of disorder accompanied by redness. There is some discomfort with the treatment, but it is easily tolerated. Patients who are very sensitive can take over-the-counter pain medications prior to treatment. Topical anesthetics are also normally available.

The skin is stimulated to regenerate new collagen, leading to a firmer, more youthful appearance, which is an added plus. Patients should be encouraged to stay out of the sun and protect their skin while it heals from the procedure. The skin generally looks sunburned following the procedure. However, there is no down time, and once the rosacea treatments in Barrington are completed, the patient should have enviable results. Most medical spas who offer BBL treatments also offer chemical peels such as Glytone for redness-prone skin which can help maintain the skin between BBL treatments. Having beautiful skin has never been this achievable!

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