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Emergency Flight Nurse- an overview

Emergency Flight Nurse- an overview

A flight nurse is a professional who is highly trained in the healthcare profession. They are trained to deliver pre-hospital patient care while being aboard an aircraft. These nurses are part of a critical care team who treats patients that are compromised and are in an unstable environment. An excellent trait that an emergency flight nurse should have is the ability to administer life-sustaining care when in a pressurized situation and environment.

What is a flight nurse?

This type of nurse is a part of a team of aeromedical evacuation personnel aboard aircraft like airplanes and helicopters. They provide the necessary care that the patient might need pre-hospitalization. Flight paramedics may accompany a flight nurse to assist in providing care.

Responsibilities of a flight nurse

Flight nurses provide nursing care and management of all types of in-flight patients. They are also responsible for planning and preparing any missions that may require aeromedical evacuation.

One of the main goals of these nurses is to ensure that in-flight patients stay safe and comfortable throughout the trip. Proper equipment and supplies should be prepared and provided by the flight nurse. Care is provided throughout the flight until the arrival on the destination.


To be a flight nurse, one needs to have regular studies to be a registered nurse which is only an essential requirement. Other qualifications would be knowledge and experience in neonatal resuscitation, advanced cardiac life support, pre-hospital trauma life support, and more. One must obtain a minimum experience of five years in an ICU, ER, or other hospital settings where critical care is delivered.

Why become a flight nurse?

There are a lot of reasons to become a flight nurse. Some ideas are personal, and some reasons are practical. One would be to help save the lives of in-flight patients, and other would be to have a different scenery other than the traditional nursing setting.

Whatever the reason will be, there will always be a need for medical professionals which means that job security is strong. There is also plenty of job growth potential when it comes to the field of nursing.

Emergency flight nurses are vital in providing care for patients who otherwise have no access to medical care. If you want to have this type of career, you can check Flying Nurses International to know more. This may be the start of something new and exciting.