What to Expect During a First Time Visit to a Rehabilitation Center in Fargo, ND

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Health

Going somewhere for the first time can be a little uncomfortable. Going to a physical therapy session for the first time can be cause for some anxiety. Anxiety during a physical therapy session can really hinder the progress. When most people are anxious about things, their muscles tense up and their mind starts thinking things, which makes it hard to concentrate on what’s going on during the session. To put minds at ease and to make the process less stressful, here is what to expect during a first-time visit to a Rehabilitation Center in Fargo ND.

Upon arrival, patients are greeted by the office staff. It is typically recommended that patients arrive at least fifteen minutes early to take care of paperwork and get comfortable. While patients are completing paperwork, the office staff will take care of calling insurance companies to confirm insurance plans and benefits. The office staff has a lot of experience dealing with insurance companies and will be able to help patients navigate and understand their benefit as it pertains to physical therapy.

Once the paperwork is completed, it is time for the patients to meet with a physical therapist. During the first session, the therapist takes the time to understand the needs and concerns of the patient. It is also during this time that the therapist and patient discuss medical history and what the current issue is. It is also a good idea to discuss how the issue is affecting daily life for the patient. This will give the therapist a good idea of what areas to work on first and help create a comprehensive plan to get better.

The next step is for the physical therapist to evaluate the injury by having the patient complete certain tasks. These tasks will show things like what the patient’s range of motion is, other joint tests, muscle tests and even could include a neurological screening. The patient’s results will give the therapist a better idea of where to start for treatment.

Each patient’s treatment plant will be different and very specific, but for more information on what to expect during a first-time visit to a Rehabilitation Center in Fargo ND, visit our website.

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