Extensions: Non Surgical Hair Solutions in Phoenix

by | Mar 1, 2016 | Beauty Care

Hair loss tends to be a touchy subject. Those struggling with it feel self conscious about their appearance and don’t always know what options they have to make a change. While there are surgical hair loss options available, not every person is a candidate and some don’t want to undergo the time and recovery it takes to be successful. Instead, many are finding that Non Surgical Hair Solutions in Phoenix, including extensions, are a great way to create a full head of hair without going under the scalpel. Here are a couple of benefits to choosing extensions.

Turn Back the Clock

Most people realize that hair extensions are going to add to their overall appearance. A person with a full head of hair is going to feel great and enjoy added self-confidence. However, the change also tends to turn back the clock. Because balding or thinning hair tends to be something associated with older people, adding in extensions can provide a more youthful appearance. This can open up a whole new world of possibilities for a person that has been avoiding social situations because of hair loss.

Natural Hair

While wigs offer an instant solution, not all are made with human hair. In fact, some wigs are easy to spot as impostors right away. Without a natural look, a person may not feel great when walking out in public. It can also be tough at home to take off the wig and look at the lack of hair. Non Surgical Hair Solutions in Phoenix like extensions are perfect inside and outside of the house. When walking down the street, no one is going to notice that it isn’t really a person’s own hair.

No Glue or Sewing

In the past, extensions have been a hassle. Some needed glue to attach to the scalp. This made it tough to wash the hair and maintain its integrity. Others needed to be sewn into braids. This could take away from the natural look and be uncomfortable. Today’s extensions are tied to a person’s current hair, adding to its depth and volume. It looks natural and is comfortable to maintain.

If surgery isn’t an option and medications aren’t getting the job done, contact Donte’s of New York for more information about extensions.

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