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The Advantages of Appointments With Physical Therapy Lawrence KS Practitioners for MS Patients

Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Lawrence KS practitioners are often thought of as mainly for people who have suffered an injury and need help recovering their physical function and reducing pain. These health care providers also are beneficial for individuals dealing with chronic disorders. Research has shown physical therapy to be helpful for patients with multiple sclerosis, for example.

Physical Therapy Lawrence KS practitioners design customized programs for each client. They teach MS patients various exercises that allow them to maintain their strength, flexibility, mobility, coordination and balance. The patients feel more energized and capable as they continue participating in therapy. They become able to walk further distances and to once again participate in activities they used to enjoy but have been avoiding. Many people with MS gradually become too sedentary, as they fear that activities such as taking a long walk or going to a bike ride will lead to an accident. They know they have weak spells and issues with balance that can come on rather suddenly, and they don’t want to risk a fall. Physical therapy helps these individuals stay active and healthier.

The therapists and their assistants help these clients with exercises during those episodes when the individual is dealing with weakness and stiffness. An assistant might have a client sit in a chair and then move the client’s legs to provide the beneficia l exercise. That way, the client never needs to miss an appointment and the advantages of regular therapy.

With regular physical therapy, MS patients can continue with their normal life and slow disease progression. For best results, these individuals should view their exercise routines as necessary prescriptions. Even when they aren’t feeling the best, summoning up the willpower to complete the activities is essential for maintaining physical therapy benefits.

At a facility such as the Center For Manual Medicine, MS patients can receive care from chiropractors, physical therapists and medical doctors. This holistic version of health care is appealing to people who experience good results with alternative medicine but also want to receive care in the conventional Western medicine tradition. That combination of complementary treatment often provides the most optimum results.