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Family Physicians Providing Comprehensive Healthcare in Kansas

What is a Family Physician?

Family physicians are medical doctors and providers of complete and continuous family health care. After completing medical school, family physicians undertake comprehensive training for an additional three years to understand all aspects of a patient’s treatment. These specialties cover general and specialty surgery, internal medicine, geriatrics, pediatrics, gynecology, obstetrics and psychiatry.

Treatments Provided by Family Physicians

Family physicians provide healthcare for patients at all ages, male or female. A family physician in Andover, Kansas, will possess a complete range of today’s most comprehensive and advanced medical care. Their skills cover newborn and infant care, healthcare for women and men, pediatric medicine and newborn and infant care. They’re also trained authorities on geriatric services, cardiovascular-oriented screening and management, comprehensive care for chronic and acute illnesses, plans for nutrition, orthopedic care and many other treatments.

Family Physician Services

A family physician strives to remain at the leading edge of the most advanced aspects of family medicine, offering a wide variety of services for patients at every age:

  • Well Child Care
  • Immunizations and Injections
  • Adult-level Annual Physicals with Preventive Health Care
  • Management of Simple and Complex Health Issues
  • Coordination with Specialists
  • Urgent Care and Minor Emergency by Appointment
  • Office-based Procedures and Minor Surgery
  • Comprehensive Digital X-Ray, Laboratory, Study of Bone Density and EKG
  • Massage Services

Contacting a Family Physician

A family physician in Andover, Kansas, is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and advanced care available today. A family physician’s office will also have a complete range of skilled staff and proven treatments with the benefit of leading-edge technology, ensuring patients receive the highest possible standard of care. Contact Wichita Family Medicine Specialists for a consultation today.