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Find out About Safety and Transportation When Looking for Assisted Living

Many seniors start to feel isolated in their own home as they get older. The isolation can feel even more intense if the senior is not able to drive. This is one of the reasons why seniors and their family members look for assisted living facilities. These facilities allow seniors to socialize with others and engage in new activities.

Before a senior decides on the right assisted living facility in Delray Beach, FL, it is important that they ask a few questions. It may not be wise to just go with the first facility they find or the closest one to where they are currently living.

One of the things that a senior and their family will want to look at is the activities that are available in the assisted living facility. A great way to find out about these activities is to visit the facility when activities are scheduled. As the senior looks at the options listed on the activity schedule and observes other seniors engaging in these activities, they will likely know right away if a facility is right for them.

Many seniors and their family members are concerned about safety in an assisted living facility in Delray Beach, FL. When searching for the right facility, it is important to ask questions about how staff members keep seniors safe and how emergency situations are handled. It is good to find out if there is an emergency response plan, a generator for backup power, pull cords in the apartments, or alert buttons in case a senior needs emergency assistance.

Something else to ask about is transportation. Many facilities have a regular shuttle service. A senior should ask about where the shuttle goes and when transportation is available. This will allow them to attend religious services, visit the doctor, and do their shopping.

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