Flight Nurses – Today’s Airline Angels

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Health

Having experienced members in a person’s care team is important when they are facing an injury or illness. This is particularly important when a major move is required for a patient, whether from medical facility to medical facility, or from hospital to home. When this occurs, it can be helpful to employ the services of an experienced flight nurse.

What is a Flight Nurse?

A flight nurse is a professional who typically provides services to patients in critical condition, with major injuries, or who require immediate transport via aircraft. These nurses may work in hospital helicopters or for independent companies who employ a wide variety of medical personnel, all of whom specialize in caring for those who require to be relocated via aircraft. Experience is important in this line of work, not only because of the crucial medical training, but because nurses must be capable of doing their work at elevations thousands of feet above ground!

Companies who employ flight nurses, medical escorts and other airline travel assistants help to match these professionals with those who need them, whether they are flying via commercial airline, medical transport craft or chartered flight.

How Flight Nurses Improve Airline Travel

Flying is a stressful experience, even for the healthiest traveler. Those who are struggling with health complications face even more anxiety when planning air travel.

This is when a flight nurse can make a tremendous difference. Providing the best possible care and medical supervision – as well as someone to advocate for the medical requirements and personal preferences of their clients – is the highest priority for these experts, and their focus is always on the patient’s wellbeing. With someone in their corner to represent and care for them, travelers can focus on their own wellness and the move at hand. An experienced flight nurse can make a stressful situation easier for everyone involved.

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