Frequently Asked Questions About Facial Services

by | Oct 14, 2016 | Skin Care

Women and men undergo a variety of facial services to achieve brilliant results. Each option provides remarkable results based on how it is used. Patients who want to identify the best treatment for them start with a full review of available products. The following are frequently asked questions about Facial Services.

Does a Facial Address Oily Skin and Breakouts?

Yes, the procedures begin with a deep cleaning. It offers the removal of all dead skin cells and excess oil. The clinician applies a scrub to the skin after it is clean. Next, the peeling mask is applied to the skin to remove existing signs of acne. After the complete treatment, the clinician applies oil controlling moisturizers to keep the skin fresh and vibrant.

What Factors Lead to Premature Aging and How are the Remedied?

The most common factors that attribute to premature aging is smoking and excessive alcohol use. Next, excessive exposure to sun rays increases the signs of aging. Patients who experience heightened stress levels also experience more signs of aging as it affects cellular reproduction. The most common types of peels and treatments that improve these signs of aging are enzyme facials and lactic acid peels.

Are Facials Available to Pregnant Women?

Yes, all women regardless of what trimester they are in can get a facial and skin peel. The clinician evaluates the condition of the skin to prevent possible irritation that generates discomfort for the women. However, pregnancy can heighten an allergic reaction. If the woman has any existing allergy, she must tell the clinician before undergoing the treatment.

Why Should Women get a Series of Facials?

A series of facials provides the patient with opportunities to address skin conditions all at once. They can remove excess dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. They undergo additional treatments to address sun damage. Next, they receive a treatment to address deep wrinkles. The clinician provides insight into what treatments are most beneficial for these patients.

Can Women Combine Spa Services with a Facial?

Yes, spa packages allow patients to choose any combination they prefer. They can add a facial to a massage treatment. The patients can also design their own package.

Women and men who undergo a facial treatment eliminate common conditions such as acne and oily skin. These treatments reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines. Patients who want Facial Services contact David K. Hiranaka M.D. D.M.D. or visit Facebook today.

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