Getting Help for Your Family Member’s Substance Abuse in Roseville, MN

by | Mar 3, 2021 | Mental Health

Discovering that someone you love in your family has a substance abuse problem is painful to you and everyone else living under the same roof with this family member. If the family member is ready to seek treatment, there are programs for substance abuse treatment in Minnesota. In fact, several of these programs are within a stone’s throw of Minneapolis, meaning that you don’t have to go very far for a substance abuse treatment in Minnesota, regardless of how close or how far you live from this major city. Here’s how one program treats more than just the person.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Everyone

The in-patient program treats the person’s substance abuse issue with group and individual therapy sessions. However, this problem affects the whole family. That is why the program offers cognitive behavioral therapy for you and anyone else living with you. It is very helpful for determining how you can heal and how you can help the patient heal from this.

Kids Have a Harder Time and Need the Greatest Help

When a child or teen develops an addiction problem, it’s worse than an adult’s because his or her young brain is still developing and is damaged by the drug or substance of choice. When a sibling is negatively affected by this, then there is more than one child or teen who needs help here. It’s important to get all of your children into a program that helps them.

Find out more about substance abuse treatment in Minnesota by visiting their website and see how Options Family and Behavior Services can help.

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