Getting Treated For Hearing Loss in Bethlehem PA

by | Jun 17, 2016 | Health Care

When someone has difficulty hearing what others are saying to them, they may suspect they are suffering from Hearing Loss in Bethlehem PA. Another signal that hearing loss may be happening is when sounds are muffled or when the volume level on a television or computer needs to be adjusted to a louder level. Taking the proper steps in getting treatment is necessary to remedy this type of problem.

First, the person with the hearing trouble should go to an audiologist to have a complete evaluation of their hearing done. At this session, they will listen to a variety of different tones while wearing a pair of headphones. They will need to indicate when they hear a sound either by raising their hand or by pushing a button on a clicking device. The results of the test will be tallied up to determine at what decibel level sounds are difficult to hear. This will help decide whether or not the person should think about getting hearing aids help with their hearing.

If the number of sounds heard is relatively low in number, the person will need to see a physician make sure there is not an underlying problem causing the hearing difficulty. If they are suffering from a cold or have an obstruction in the ear, medication may be used to help alleviate the symptoms. They would then need a further session to test the hearing after they are treated.

If the person is definitely suffering from permanent hearing loss, they will want to visit a store that sells hearing aids. They will be able to try on several models to see what type suits their lifestyle. Smaller hearing aids are more difficult to adjust the volume, making it necessary to try them on to see if the person is able to handle the controls properly.

When someone needs to see a doctor to help with Hearing Loss in Bethlehem PA, they can visit a reputable practice in the area. Take a look at our website to find out more about hearing troubles and how they are solved. An appointment can be made for an assessment if desired.

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