Give Yourself a Fuller Head of Hair with Dallas Hair Transplantation

by | Apr 1, 2020 | Medical Spa

You are not willing to live with thinning hair. You have acted on your own to try and give it a comeback. Commercial alternatives have not been the answer for you. It’s time to seek help from the medical professional. Hair transplantation in Dallas may be the best option for you when you want to restore your own hair. Not only will it look natural again, it will be. You won’t need to wear a wig or cover your head with a hat from now on. You may be a good candidate to experience hair growth once again by transplanting healthy follicles to the areas that need it most.

Your Hair Replacement Professional Can be Your Guide
Before you settle on hair transplantation in Dallas, you need to see a licensed professional who is certified in hair replacement treatments. Your journey will begin when you sit down to discuss your concerns with an expert. Your scalp will be closely examined to pinpoint areas where you have experienced hair loss. Your hair restoration professional will also discuss your health and any factors that may have contributed to hair loss. It’s important to address the source of your hair loss if possible in order to avoid future hair loss.

Find Out if Hair Restoration is Right for You
Your hair replacement specialist will assist you in understanding how hair transplantation in Dallas works. If it is the right solution for you, you can find out if you should have individual follicles harvested or a strip of follicles at a time. You also have non-surgical solutions to consider.

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