How a Novel Medical Checklist Tool Is Revolutionizing How Procedural Time Outs are Delivered

by | Jun 9, 2021 | Medical Supply

Moat healthcare workers have a knowledge of basic healthcare-related patient safety measures and procedures. For instance, an operating room will have policies that require instrument and sponge counts for every surgery or invasive procedure. Two people qualified to do the counts perform this task before, during, and at the end of the procedure or surgery with a final count. Learn how a novel new medical checklist is revolutionizing how U.S. healthcare runs on any given day.

The reason the Checklist Was Invented in the First Place

The story behind this amazing and clever medical checklist is that other healthcare professionals were tired of increasing numbers of errors made due to various reasons. These errors all have the potential to cause to patient harm.

A group of these healthcare professionals came up with this innovative medical-related checklist that has bold green and red buttons that are physically moved from side to side indicating red, the step was not completed, or green, the step has been successfully completed. As the team member slides the bar, there is an audible click.

Types of Places That Checklists for Medical Procedure Steps Can Be Used

These wall, door, or portable checklists are made from clear acrylic that will not be damaged during the disinfecting process. These checklists are customized to include different departmental steps. They can also be used as a portable checklist that is easily moved and stored as needed.

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