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How to Choose Womens Wigs in Arizona Based on Facial Features

How to Choose Womens Wigs in Arizona Based on Facial Features

Readers looking into buying their first wigs are often both excited and a little bit nervous. What if the wig doesn’t fit correctly, or its color looks too gaudy? What if it’s obviously a wig?

There’s no need to fret. When buying Womens Wigs Arizona residents need only do a little bit of research in advance to make sure they end up with the perfect products. Read on to find out how to choose a wig style according to face shape below to get started on that research.

Oval-Shaped Faces

Readers with oval-shaped faces can pull off most styles of wigs, though off-the-face styles tend to look the best. Avoid wigs with heavy bangs or other features that draw the eyes forward, as this can create an unpleasant perception of having extra weight on the face.

Round-Shaped Faces

Look for a style that adds fullness and height to the crown of the head. Most consumers with round faces choose shorter wigs with off-center parts, but it’s important to avoid chin-length styles. These can make the face look fuller and wider.

Square-Shaped Faces

Look for a medium length wig, ideally one that features waves or subtle rounding around the face. Wigs that feature off-center parts, wispy bangs, and layers can also naturally soften square faces. Those with linear lines, symmetrical sections, and long, straight hair can have the opposite effect.

Heart-Shaped Faces

Many consumers with heart-shaped faces choose chin-length bobs, which give the appearance of fullness and create balance, but longer wig styles can also work. Look into layering and back-heavy wigs, as these will help to balance the narrow chin and pronounced cheekbones that come with having a heart-shaped face.

Diamond-Shaped Faces

Most wigs are flattering to those with diamond-shaped faces. Just avoid purchasing a wig that is excessively showy, as it will draw attention away from those beautiful facial features.

Get Started Today

When purchasing Womens Wigs Arizona residents should always look for high-quality materials and natural styles, regardless of what their faces look like. Donte’s of New York offers a wide selection of wigs so readers will be certain to find one that perfectly complements their facial features and unique styles.