Learn About the Hemorrhoid Treatment Hattiesburg MS Patients Need

by | Aug 22, 2019 | Health

Hemorrhoid sufferers experience ongoing discomfort and pain. Trying to get relief can be a challenge best solved by consulting with a team of qualified physicians and nurse practitioners who understand each patient’s gastrointestinal needs. Learn about the Hemorrhoid Treatment Hattiesburg MS patients need.

What Is a Hemorrhoid?

A hemorrhoid is a swollen vein located near the rectum. The swelling can become painful and itchy, especially when sitting or making a bowel movement. For some people, the discomfort is constant, and bleeding may occur.

OTC Treatment

Often people turn to OTC treatment for relief from the symptoms of hemorrhoids. Unfortunately, this relief is minimal and temporary, leaving patients in a state of constant discomfort. It is crucial to seek the medical Hemorrhoid Treatment Hattiesburg MS patients need to feel better.

Take the First Step

Putting away ineffective OTC treatments and scheduling an appointment with a gastrointestinal specialist are the first steps to getting relief. Hemorrhoids require medical attention and treatment, which can vary depending on the patient’s situation. Only an experienced medical expert knows what must be done to help a patient.

CRH O’Regan Hemorrhoid Banding

A procedure called CRH O’Regan hemorrhoid banding is a non-invasive way to remove and treat the problem. Multiple hemorrhoids can be treated one at a time, with separate visits to the medical professional’s office. The painless procedure is brief and effective.

What Happens During Banding?

As the name implies, a rubber band is placed around the tissue above swollen hemorrhoids. By putting a small rubber band around the area, the blood supply is cut off. As a result, it will shrivel and fall off.

Talk to a Medical Professional

Banding is a possible solution to the pain caused by hemorrhoids. Before making a decision, patients must consult with a qualified medical professional to determine if this is the right option to treat the problem.

Take a few minutes to contact Hattiesburg G.I. Associates and learn more about the benefits of banding as a hemorrhoid treatment. Or visit online to read more about the various procedures and services provided to help people feel better and improve the quality of their lives.

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