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Learning About Hemorrhoid Treatment In Hattiesburg, MS

45 percent of Americans will have hemorrhoids at one point or another. However, only 4 percent will visit a physician. Rather, those with itching and a little pain probably buy over-the-counter aids. Experts say these people need to be examined by a physician. They may need Hemorrhoid Treatment Hattiesburg MS.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are swollen veins that appear in the anal area. Internal hemorrhoids are inside the rectum and external hemorrhoids grow in the anal area. Sometimes, blood clots show up in hemorrhoids. This condition is known as a thrombosed hemorrhoid. Straining on the toilet may cause hemorrhoids to pop outside the body. This is called a prolapsed hemorrhoid.

Hemorrhoid Symptoms

Hemorrhoids may bleed when an individual goes to the bathroom. See a doctor for Hemorrhoid Treatment in Hattiesburg MS. Don’t assume bloody stools are caused by hemorrhoids. That’s because bloody stools are symptoms of colorectal and anal cancer.

Doctors categorize hemorrhoids by degrees. Third and fourth-degree hemorrhoids are the worst. Third-degree hemorrhoids require the physician to use a finger to push the prolapse back into the body. Fourth-degree hemorrhoids can’t be manipulated back inside.

Hemorrhoid Causes

There are many contributing factors to hemorrhoids including obesity and pregnancy. Other factors include standing or sitting for long periods of time. Further, constipation and straining contribute to the problem. Interestingly, doctors say holding the breath while doing physical labor can cause hemorrhoids.


Hemorrhoid treatment involves making lifestyle changes. Sufferers need to eat more fiber and drink plenty of water. Research shows those who eat a fiber-rich diet have fewer hemorrhoids. On the other hand, eating lots of processed foods contributes to the condition. Low fiber diets are a leading cause of constipation.

A physician may recommend removing hemorrhoids if they are painful and swollen. The physician may decide to use sclerotherapy to help the patient. This procedure involves injecting liquid in the hemorrhoids which causes inflammation. The idea is to cause scarring so the hemorrhoids shrink. Additionally, rubber band ligation can be used to shrink hemorrhoids. A rubber band is drawn tightly around the hemorrhoid’s base. Eventually, the tissue will die. To learn more about treatment, visit online at the website for Hattiesburg G.I. Associates.