Let Sleeping Dogs Rest Comfortably

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Pets

You love your dog, and you may even love it enough to let it sleep in bed with you, but even the most devout dog-lover wants to stretch out alone sometimes. Most dogs spend a large portion of their time lying down, either sleeping or just taking in the action. To ensure your dog’s comfort as well as your own, you’ll need to provide a comfy dog bed for him to lie down on.

Choosing a pet bed can be almost as confusing as selecting a mattress for a human. The selection of size, shape, fabric, stuffing and frame can seem never-ending. Big-box stores may have a selection of inexpensive beds that appear satisfactory, only to wear out or be destroyed by you-know-who within a short time. Suddenly your cheap solution becomes a waste of money.

One of the best pet beds available today is our unique product called CozyDeck Pet Beds. This sleek and stylish bed is a raised platform constructed of a solid piece of strong metal. On the platform is a durable, washable and reversible cushion for your dog to sleep on. The elevated design keeps your pet off the ground or floor, which keeps him cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. We are pleased to offer the long awaited, upscale, contemporary pet beds in both small and large sizes. Our pet beds are “Made in USA”, in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area, and we offer FREE SHIPPING to contiguous 48 states.

Elevated pet beds are the preferred choice for dogs in animal shelters across the country. Easy cleaning, zero maintenance and elegant looks are only three good reasons to turn to this type of bed for your pet. If your dog spends part of the day outdoors, the raised bed is lightweight enough to pick up and move easily. By the way, ‘elevated’ doesn’t mean the bed is high off the ground. In fact, it is just a few inches above floor level, and any size or age dog should have no difficulty accessing the bed.

Your sleeping dog will love lying on his new elevated dog bed. You will love the contemporary good looks and the smart, eco-friendly design. Nothing says comfy like a cozy place to curl up and take a good, long nap.

Choose a new dog bed that is ecologically friendly and makes good long-term economic sense. Elevated dog beds provide sturdy comfort for your pet and are completely washable. Stylish good looks make this dog bed best choice for you and your pet.

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