What To Look For In an Animal Hospital in Olathe KS

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Animal Hospitals

According to a recent news report, millenials are delaying having children and instead investing in a pet. Treating this pet as a member of the family and a psuedo child, it’s no wonder the sales of high dollar pet foods have caused a down turn in sales of traditional kibble and bits and gravy train. Along the same lines, millenials are often in more of a hurry to seek medical care at an Animal Hospital in Olathe KS than the previous generations. With this in mind, consider the following traits in a veterinarian or animal hospital before selecting the one to be your go-to.

Convenience Isn’t the Best Reason To Select an Animal Hospital

While it’s tempting to try the Animal Hospital in Olathe KS that’s just down the street, that’s not always the best manner to go about selecting a veterinarian. Instead, obtain a sampling of the vets used from those around you. Consider not only friends, relatives, neighbors and co-workers, but ask at the local shelters or rescues who they use. This gives pet owners the opportunity to ask the questions most important to them, instead of relying on chance at the local vet.

Convenience Is Important When Considering Hours and Days Open

While you don’t want to pick a vet merely based on the fact he’s open when you need him, availability is important. It doesn’t do pet owners much good if the wonderful vet they adore is only open Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and on the 4th Saturday of every month. When interviewing potential candidates, check on the hours and days as well as the alternate services they might offer. This gives pet owners more information in which to help them make a decision.

Kindness Counts

When talking with the office staff at the various hospitals and vet offices called upon, consider their attitude and friendliness factor. How they treat you, the client, is a direct indicator of how they’re likely to treat your babies/pets. Take note of their way of handling you and your pet, considering if they add to the pet’s stress or instantly calm it.

Choosing a partner in your dog or cat’s care is an important decision, akin to selecting a child’s pediatrician. Don’t be hasty. When looking in the local area, check out Falcon Valley Animal Hospital to find knowledgeable and caring associates to help when it matters most. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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