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Look No Further Somatic Therapy in Westport CT is Now Available

Look No Further Somatic Therapy in Westport CT is Now Available

New Beauty & Wellness State of the Art Luxury Spa in Westport Connecticut lives up to its name. With an extensive menu in both beauty and wellness treatments, this beautiful day spa gives visiting clients an integrated wellness experience. New Beauty and Wellness have a large team of highly credentialed healers who work in together in harmony to assure that each client who walks through the door receives a unique and holistic treatment program. While this establishment has many treatments you would seek in a luxury spa of this quality one therapy in particular that is noteworthy is Somato Emotional Release therapy.

What is Somato Emotional Release Therapy and what are it’s healing benefits?

Somato Emotional Release therapy (SER) works in conjunction with a CranioSacral massage therapy session. The methodology involved in CranioSacral massage is a gentle manipulation of the skull, pelvis, and spine used to alleviate pressure on the spine from injury and stress which can cause pain, migraines, TMJ, Fibromyalgia, IBS, and other uncomfortable conditions. The goal is to allow the body to heal itself by restoring a normal motion and rhythm of the cerebral spinal fluid to the brain and spinal cord.

SER then steps in and takes this healing a step further by allowing the body to heal emotionally to prevent the return of the physical pain symptoms. Research conducted by physician John E. Upledger of the renown Upledger Institute, led to the discovery that the body frequently stores emotional energy in the form of energy cysts. This causes pain and dysfunction. These energy cysts are specifically negative emotions connected to the event which caused the initial injury. Your therapist will use soft dialog and visualization techniques during your CranioSacral therapy session to give your body the ability to release the pent up emotion caused by the trauma and allow restoration of the tissues to heal not only physically but emotionally as well.

Somato Emotional Release therapy is one of the many healing treatments available for guests to choose from at New Beauty and Wellness. Find more information on Somatic Therapy in Westport CT by giving them a call or check out there website today. Let your total health and beauty wellness experience begin.