Looking For The Best Knee Orthotics In Columbus, OH

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There are many reasons for knee problems. Unfortunately, these problems can be very painful. As a result, there are those who look for Orthotics Knee in Columbus OH.

Reasons For Knee Pain

The knee is the most easily injured part of the body. It assists with walking, sitting, standing, running and more.. Further, it is the longest joint in the body. Orthotics are devices designed by medical professionals to improve joint and muscle pain. It is not surprising that foot orthotics often double as Orthotics Knee in Columbus OH.

The Foot-Knee Connection

Foot orthotics, like insoles, can improve knee pain. For example, insoles cushion the force between the foot and ankle which aids the knee. Further, foot orthotics change the alignment of the foot which affects the knee.

For instance, overpronation causes the leg and knee to work in the wrong position. As a result, individuals suffer a lot of pain.

The Best Orthotics

Orthotics can be purchased over-the-counter at any pharmacy. However, the best orthotics are custom-made. There are two types of orthotics, functional and accommodative. Functional devices control abnormal motion while accommodative ones provide support.

The most common type of knee orthotic is the brace. The type of knee injury determines what style of brace one needs.

Knee Brace Types

Functional knee braces are used with sprains or after surgeries like a meniscus repair. These knee problems are aggravated by excessive motion. Hence, the brace is designed to keep the knee stable. Anyone who wears the brace for sports will benefit from a custom design.

Unloading knee braces have a dial that allow the wearer to adjust the brace. This brace is effective against bone-on-bone pain and inflammation. Frequently, those who have knee surgery must wear a range of motion brace. These braces have hinges with degrees that allow the wearer to adjust them. They are also used by patients with knee extension issues.

Regular hinge braces are made of neoprene and wrap around the knee with velcro. There are metal hinges in the brace that lock the knee in place. Knee sleeves give the wearer compression support which eases pain. Sleeves are worn with less severe injuries.

Ask an orthopedic about an orthotics prescription to help your knee pain. Meanwhile, visit our website.

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