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How Physical Therapists Help Patients With Lower Back Pain in Fargo ND After a Car Accident

How Physical Therapists Help Patients With Lower Back Pain in Fargo ND After a Car Accident

Neck pain is relatively common after a vehicle accident, especially if somebody’s car is rear-ended by another vehicle. Some individuals experience Lower Back Pain in Fargo ND after a vehicle collision instead of, or in addition to, discomfort and stiffness in the neck and upper back. Physical therapy can help people dealing with these kinds of problems after they’ve been in a car accident.

More Rapid Healing

This type of therapy is recognized for being able to help patients heal more rapidly than they would otherwise. This is why doctors recommend that patients begin the therapy as soon as they can after an injury that causes Lower Back Pain in Fargo ND. This might be a strain or other injury to the soft tissue, or it could be a hairline or compression fracture in a vertebral bone. Physical therapy quickly helps patients begin regaining flexibility and strength while also reducing discomfort.

On Your Feet

After a back injury, the individual may not even want to move from lying or sitting position. Therapists and their assistants get these patients on their feet and walking, typically with a support belt so patients feel confident they won’t fall. The patient may need to use a walker for support at first too. Sessions are relatively short at first and increase in length as the patient begins to recover more fully.

A Medical Exam

People with back pain after a car accident can make an appointment with a center such as RehabAuthority without a doctor’s referral, but it’s usually advisable to receive attention from a physician first. A thorough exam after an accident can identify problems the person may not even be aware of and rule out certain possibilities. In addition, an exam by a medical or osteopathic doctor may be important for automotive insurance claims.

Comparison With Other Treatments

Other forms of treatment can be useful for back pain, but they tend to be passive and don’t concentrate on the person’s own actions. Massage, chiropractic care and acupuncture have all been shown to help relieve pain after a back injury, but physical therapy is the most strongly recommended by medical experts. Visit our website and learn more about physical therapy.

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