A Medical Doctor in Andover, Kansas as Part of the Healthcare Team Treating Chronic Low Back Pain

by | May 3, 2018 | Health

People suffering from chronic low back pain can rely on their own family Medical Doctor in Andover Kansas as part of their healthcare team focusing on managing the condition and relieving pain. Other practitioners will likely be of value, and the family physician can coordinate some of this care through referrals and consultations. A combined approach often is the most effective.

Other Members of the Team

The doctor can refer the patient to a physical therapist, as a customized exercise program can be beneficial. An orthopedic specialist also might be part of the team. The patient may want to seek complementary care, such as chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, and massage. The family doctor should be kept in the loop as to which therapies the patient is trying and which ones prove to be most successful.


A family Medical Doctor in Andover Kansas may order X-rays and magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI scans, to get a better sense of what is occurring in the spinal area. The patient may be experiencing early degenerative disc disease, for instance, or pain from a hairline compression fracture that occurred long ago. A ruptured disc in the vertebrae also can cause intermittent but chronic severe pain.

Pain Relief Medication

In some cases, a physician from a clinic such as Wichita Family Medicine Specialists LLC may decide to prescribe pain relief medication that is stronger than over-the-counter drugs. This doesn’t necessarily have to be an opioid or another drug that is only available by prescription. For example, prescription-strength ibuprofen has a higher dosage per tablet than the regular drugstore products do. A significant advantage of the prescription products is that the patient’s health insurance may cover some or all of the cost.

Other Treatments

More intensive pain relief procedures also are effective for many patients. Corticosteroids injected directly into the area reduce inflammation substantially. Some injections target a specific nerve for destruction so it can no longer transmit pain signals to the brain. If the family doctor does not provide these treatments, the doctor can refer the patient to an orthopedic specialist who does. Family physicians typically treat many patients with chronic lower back pain, since the condition is very common. For more information visit us website

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