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Why Consider Ayurveda? The Better Question May Be, “Why Not?”

Why Consider Ayurveda? The Better Question May Be, “Why Not?”

Awareness and interest in holistic healing and healthcare is increasing. Those techniques and approaches that come from India are particularly popular, as people grow tired of western medicine’s approach at fixing what is broken, rather than preventing injury and illness. One of the most popular alternatives is India’s Ayurveda, an approach to wellness that gives those who practice it a healthier mind, body, and spirit.

What Ayurveda Is – and What It Isn’t

When some people think of Ayurveda, they think of a series of wellness treatments or a dietary change. However, Ayurveda is much more than this. It is a lifestyle that involves a holistic and preventative approach to wellness, centered around the three “doshas”. These elements of human existence are:

  • Vata (Sanskrit for “wind”, the element of movement.)
  • Pitta (Sanskrit for “fire”, the element of transformation.)
  • Kapha (Sanskrit for “earth”, the element of a structure.)

It is believed that in understanding these elements and bringing them into better balance will benefit the mind, the body and the emotional wellbeing or spirit of the person practicing Ayurveda. While there are foods, behaviors, and exercises that are encouraged as part of the Ayurvedic lifestyle, the most important part is this deep understanding of the human condition that leads to better choices and healthier living.

The benefits of Ayurveda are numerous and varied, but some of them include decreased symptoms of myriad medical conditions, including everything from depression and anxiety to the pain of chronic conditions and even the effects of cancer!

How Ayurveda Can Work for You

Getting an Ayurvedic wellness treatment isn’t the end of Ayurveda’s usefulness in your life. Ayurveda is more than a diet, more than just a medical treatment; it’s a lifestyle that can improve your health.

Ready to learn more about Ayurveda? Want to try an Ayurvedic wellness treatment? Contact your nearest Ayurvedic provider, and see just how easy it can be to apply this ancient art and science to your own body and life. You have nothing to lose except bad habits and health – and so much to gain. So, what are you waiting for? Get more information, and get started on your Ayurvedic journey. Follow us on Twitter.