Medical Reasons for a Rhinoplasty

by | Dec 23, 2016 | Health

A Rhinoplasty is an interesting form of plastic surgery. Some patients come into a doctor’s office wanting a change because of the way their noses look. They just want to make adjustments that will improve their appearance. Others come in for medical reasons, looking for a solution because of some type of physical issue. Here are three interesting reasons why both men and women will come into the office to seek out nose surgery because of a medical concern.

Injury or Trauma to the Nose

An injury to the nose is cause for rhinoplasty in Waimea. One the one hand, many patients are looking to have their noses go back their original appearance, before the accident or trauma. However, they may also be coming in because they want to adjust more than just the way the nose looks. They may want to change the inner workings to ensure they can breathe better or feel more comfortable. Check out David K. Hiranaka M.D. D.M.D. on Facebook for more information on what can be done to improve the appearance of a nose after an injury.

Deviated Septum

Trouble breathing is a serious concern. Often demonstrated by severe snoring, when a nostril begins to collapse, it can cause real problems for a patient. A Rhinoplasty could be the ideal solution, opening up the nose and allowing a patient to breath more comfortably. Because the surgery has something to do with a medical issue, there is a chance that health insurance will pay some or all of the cost.

Sinus Problems

Sometimes breathing and sinus issues can become more severe. If a patient is constantly suffering from something like a sinus infection, there could be an issue with the nose that needs to be addressed. Also attributed to a deviated septum, sinus concerns can be taken care of by a plastic surgery, providing patients with some much needed relief. This type of operation is usually reserved for individuals over the age of eighteen. Even if a teen is having trouble with the nose, it makes sense to ensure that this part of the body is done growing before taking action like this.

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