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The Goal of Treatment at a Physical Therapy Clinic is to Help You to Feel and Move Better

The Goal of Treatment at a Physical Therapy Clinic is to Help You to Feel and Move Better

It’s not normal to have to live with pain. Physical therapy is often recommended to help alleviate the pain and make movement easier. Treatment at a Physical Therapy Clinic may also be scheduled to aid recovery after surgery or an illness.

What is Physical Therapy?

The goal of physical therapy is to help someone be able to perform everyday activities and relieve pain. Restoring someone’s fitness and ability to function is also a great boost to self-confidence.

It’s normal to need physical therapy after certain surgeries, including heart, back, or knee surgery. Regaining strength and flexibility is an important component of the overall healing process.

Physical Therapists are Highly Trained Professionals

All physical therapists are highly trained medical professionals holding masters or a Doctor of Physical Therapy from an accredited educational institution. It’s also necessary for a physical therapist to pass a rigorous examination in order to become licensed.

Some physical therapists will have gone the extra step and become board-certified in a particular area such as sports or orthopedics. Others may specialize in back or neck pain, cardiac rehab, or treat primarily children or seniors. Many physical therapists treat patients with a variety of issues.

Treatment by a Physical Therapist

Expect a physical therapist to discuss your symptoms and difficulties with you. This information will be needed to develop a treatment plan with and for you. The objection of this treatment will be to help you move better and to have greater endurance, balance, and strength.

The first step will be to reduce any pain or swelling. Various techniques could be used, including cold, heat, ultrasound, or electrical stimulation.

Exercise will be an essential part of the treatment. Depending upon the patient’s condition, an exercise plan could include stretching, walking, core exercises, or the use of weights. The patient may be taught exercises to do at home. It’s normal to feel a little sore, but let your physical therapist know. Expect the exercises to become more difficult as your condition improves. That’s a good sign.

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