Medical Weight Loss in Louisville KY Can Help Patients Get Past Weight Loss Plateaus

by | Jan 2, 2017 | Health

When a person stops losing weight for no reason, they are said to be in a weight loss plateau. While some plateaus are due to eating more or exercising less, a stoppage with no corresponding lifestyle changes can be frustrating. Below are several reasons why some individuals stop losing weight.

Physical Adaptation

The body adjusts to its current level of activity, including the patient’s exercise routine. When the same motions are repeated every day, the body becomes a more efficient performer and fewer calories are burned. Therefore, it is important that patients vary their physical activities. Doing the same routine each day is nowhere near as effective as making frequent changes.

Modifying Caloric Requirements

When a weight loss program begins, the patient eats less and chooses healthier foods. To lose weight fast, a person might reduce caloric intake by up to 1000 calories per day. Once a person loses weight, the body requires fewer calories to operate. If they want to lose more weight, they need to increase the caloric deficit or exercise intensity during Medical Weight Loss in Louisville KY.

Stress Responses

Emotional and physical stress can cause hormonal fluctuations that trigger the retention of fluids. Physical stress may cause estrogen levels to increase while testosterone levels diminish. Common causes of stress include excessive exercise, inadequate recovery, emotional tension, lack of quality sleep, and being overworked.

Diet Quality and Quantity

Sometimes, a person’s diet can imperceptibly slip into being unhealthy. Other times, initial weight loss success can lead a person to believe an occasional treat is okay. It’s not possible to out-exercise a subpar diet, no matter how hard a patient tries. Keeping a food diary can give a patient clarity on what’s causing the weight loss plateau.

Work With a Weight Loss Physician for the Best Results

One of the biggest benefits of working with InShapeMD for Medical Weight Loss in Louisville KY is that the doctors discuss the above issues during regular checkups. With medical supervision, the patient’s weight loss is heightened to the extent possible and there’s less likelihood of a weight loss plateau. Clients can visit the website to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

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