Micro Testing Labs Ensure Quality

by | Oct 26, 2017 | Healthcare

Skincare products are becoming more important as people become more in-tune to the way their skin works and desire to improve its appearance. Skincare products, whether they are cosmetics, sun protection, or other dermatological formulas, must not contain detrimental bacteria.

The Importance Of Micro Testing

Any product that will be applied to the skin, whether it is a pharmaceutical or cosmetic product, needs to be tested rigorously and thoroughly. The last thing anyone wants is for their skincare product to have an ingredient that is not up to par and causes a bad reaction in the skin. There is also a possibility that bacteria and impurities could get into the formula. Microbiological testing is the best way to ensure that there is no chance of any of this happening. When your skincare product is micro testing, here are just a couple of the things that are tested:

-Antimicrobial Effectiveness – How well does the preservative system in your product work? Micro testing finds that out. A variety of microbes are introduced to the formula to check out how the preservatives perform.

-Fungal And Yeast Testing – This test closely scrutinizes the total amount of fungi and yeast per specified amount.

What To Expect From Micro Testing Labs

When your skincare product goes into the lab for intensive micro testing, you can be certain that you will get thorough, accurate and informative results as soon as possible. However, for the tests to take full effect and be completely precise, you do need to allow for several days and possibly several weeks.

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